Is there a way out?

A series of articles highlighting the main challenges facing the Egyptian market mainly. The first article discusses the low Reinsurance Commission levels causing the Egyptian market to subsidize the Reinsurance market. Also the long list of exclusions imposed in the main treaty bouquet, structuring the Reinsurance treaty bouquet in a way which may not serve the best interest of the ceding companies. Article 2 highlights what we believe is the role of the Insurance federation of Egypt and how we can improve the market know-how via its annual report. In the 3rd article, we discuss the role of the Regulator and the necessity of improving the Market annual report. Article 4 is concentrating on the role of the Insurance Companies in improving the quality of their human resources as well as renewal information files. Finally, the 5th article highlights the role of the supporting organization, the Egyptian insurance institute, the Claims handling organization as well as the Reinsurance Brokers.