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Trust Reinsurance Broker is a licensed Reinsurance Broker

Trust is a reinsurance services provider, licensed by Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority and located in Cairo, Egypt.

As it stands, Trust has partners worldwide and is well acquainted with most markets, particularly in the MENA region.

Trust is therefore one of the most established reinsurance brokers in Egypt providing Reinsurance Solutions to most of the companies operating in the market.


Why Trust Reinsurance Broker?

Trust always aspires to protect the best interest of its clients as well as reinsurers. We offer as much support as we can and try to minimize the impact of any loss by offering the best possible cover.

Reinsurance expertise and technical advise.

Our expertise extends to include underwriting, claims handling as well as management of insurance/reinsurance companies.

Market Intelligence and Data

As a reinsurance broker with years of experience in the field, we gather and monitor market performance to provide solid statistics to both insurers and reinsurers. This helps our partners carefully select the risks and conclude the best deals.



Trust is in the process of increasing the paid-up capital to EGP 10,000,000.



The steady growth in the income figures reflects not only the efforts of the company but also the TRUST and support granted by our partners.


Shareholders’ equity

Always striving to protect our shareholders and ensure the health and performance of Trust.



Always seeking the best interest of our partners with full observation to the interest of other parties.

But is this all we are able to offer?

As Trust Reinsurance Broker team, we understand the responsibility we have towards the Egyptian Insurance Market. As a matter of fact, we all thrive to have an active role in the development and advancement of the Insurance/Reinsurance business in Egypt. We are always keen to offer additional services our clients may find necessary. Trust team is well equipped and qualified to provide consultations to the Egyptian Market. Through years of experience, we can help our clients develop underwriting guidelines, operational procedure manuals, and policy wordings. In addition, we can also support newly established companies design a comprehensive Reinsurance Program and help them place it as well. With this extensive knowledge of the market, Trust can suggest needful staff as well as design and execute training strategies to help the newly appointed staff.

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