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Trust is a privately owned company established in January 2014 and licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority  (FRA).

Placing business

It is important for business to be placed properly. As much as it is as important to be able to find a reinsurer willing to write business, it is equally important to place the business with the reinsurer that has a full understanding of the Egyptian market and follows the guidelines provided in contracts. In addition to having an experienced underwriting team that is able to study a risk properly and make an informed decision about it.

Negotiating and Sourcing

With the fierce competition taking place in the Egyptian market, rates are not always stable. Moreover, Insurance companies might go below reasonable rates to place a business or share a risk. It is the Reinsurance Broker’s role to protect the best interest of the Reinsurer as much as protecting the Insurer and to be able to adjust rates and source the best policy they can.

Claims handling

Part of being a Reinsurance broker is minimizing the administrative work of your partners and clients. Our job is not only limited to placing business or minimizing risk but it stretches to handling claims and making sure that all procedures and documentation is take care of; again to protect the best interest of both Insurers and Reinsurers.

Product Tailoring

As market needs grow and continue to change, it is critical that new insurance/reinsurance products are born in the market. The need of tailored products and services to grasp the need of the Egyptian market can be provided by an experienced Reinsurance Broker that is fully aware of what can be done to acquire more business while maximizing income and growing companies’ books of business.


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