Risk Management

The first and most important aspect of our job is what we refer to as the ‘Risk management’ process. Risk management can be described as a process of three stages: risk identification and analysis, risk control, and risk treatment, via which all possible risks are identified and then all precautions are drawn in order to help avoid them or minimize their impact in case of occurrence.

As a first step, comprehensive risk assessment is carried out. This particular step is both the most important and the hardest part of risk management. During this process, a quantitative as well as a qualitative analysis of the risks is established. This process is carried out by specialized surveyors who at the end of the process provide us with comprehensive reports, and related documents extensively describing the subject matter insured and identifying all possible risks as well as the probability of their occurrence.

Having arrived at such an assessment of the risks, our next job is to decide which risks shall be retained and which shall be transferred. The surveyors recommendations should be implemented by the insured as part of the risk management process.